“The brief “Family by Numbers” is especially clever and requires integrated movements on the part of the actors.” - Don Fowler, Johnston Sunrise http://www.johnstonsunrise.net/stories/artists-exchange-triumphs-with-one-act-play-festival,143997

“One of the best plays was Arianna Rose's tragicomedy "Family by Numbers." It begins with the father (Tom Chace) and mother (Sarah Kristiansen) reminiscing about their courtship and the birth of their three sons. The sons grow older and then tragedy strikes, leading to a powerfully haunting conclusion. Rose's script explores the nature of mortality and learning to deal with grief.” - Joe Siegel, Edge Media Network review of Artists’ Exchange’s 14th Annual One Act Play Festival, Cranston, RI, July 2019

- https://www.edgemedianetwork.com/index.php?ch=entertainment&sc=theatre&sc3=reviews&id=279016&pf=1

“Best Play: Arianna Rose’s “Family by Numbers.” This exploration of a family tragedy is originally told and heartbreaking. A man and a woman start as isolated units. They marry. Now one plus one equals two. The family grows to five — until one is subtracted. Five becomes four when their oldest son dies in a hiking accident. Rose faces the family’s pain honestly, and doesn’t paint a Pollyanna portrait. Before the son’s death, you see realistic squabbling and sibling rivalry. It makes the loss all the more painful — and the family’s ultimate reconciliation all the more true. Great performances all around with honest, stylized direction from Michele Strauss. Ren Pearson is a standout as the missing number. Featuring Ricky Bizarro, Julee Breehne, Scott Ehrenpreis, Tyler Gevas and Ren Pearson.” - Marty Fugate, YourObserver.com
— https://www.yourobserver.com/article/arianna-rose-family-by-numbers-ten-minute-play-festival-theatre-odyssey-sarasota

“Family by Numbers by Arianna Rose begins with two members, Scott Ehrenpreis’ Father and Julee Breehne’s Mother, both loving toward each other and then their delightful Oldest Son, Ben Pearson. He acquires two brothers (Ricky Bizzaro’s Middle Son and Tyler Gevas’ Youngest Son), who add up to a Family of five though often minus mutual affection. Choreographing the movements of the Family is a major strength of Michele Strauss’ brisk direction. Oldest Son’s tragedy affects and changes everyone, but the Family keeps its Numbers in a creative way.” - Marie J. Kilker, totaltheatre.com
— http://www.totaltheater.com/?q=node%2F8308&fbclid=IwAR01g9eFAAg3tJp5-H40dCpqb9t0dYgJQkDFcTsWUOn9Xobi_oJuewq77xo

Family by Numbers by Arianna Rose is right before the show’s intermission, and is well placed, as you will need a moment to decompress after such an ardent and agonizing portrayal of a family devastated by loss. Steve Ayle, Linda May, Dylan Robert Poulos, Steven Uihlein, and Ryan Schaefer deliver a raw and realistic performance of a family blessed by numbers, yet also haunted by them. While there is conflict and dissent amongst some family members, and others just wish for peace, the true undercurrent of the show reveals itself, as the father (Ayle) muses, that “It’s the people who are really the treasures.” - Jessica Kennedy
— http://thetheatreguide.com/2019/04/16/festival-of-one-act-plays-theatre-three/
“Family by Numbers” by Arianna Rose is the heartbreaking story of a family that loses a son in a hiking accident. Beautifully written, it begins when the parents first meet, get married, raise three boys and then struggle with their tragic loss and one less number. Powerful performances all around by Steve Ayle, Linda May, Dylan Robert Poulos, Steven Uihlein and Ryan Schaefer.” - by Heidi Sutton, April 18, 2019
— http://tbrnewsmedia.com/theatre-threes-festival-of-one-act-plays-gives-voice-to-six-cutting-edge-premieres/


“truly an exquisite piece of writing.” - Jeffrey Sanzel, Executive Artistic Director, Theatre Three: Broadway on Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY

“Lyrical and heartbreaking” - Jeffrey Sanzel, Executive Artistic Director, Theatre Three: Broadway on Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY

Link Magazine,

La Crosse Wisconsin

THE LOST GIRL, staged reading as part of the Viterbo New Works Festival, February 2019


“THE LOST GIRL is a beautiful hybrid of finding who you are and discovering who you can be, which is a really beautiful statement for young artists in their lives and in all our lives. We are all on a journey of learning who are we, who we can be, and where we came from, without forgetting the importance of that” - Matthew Campbell, MFA, chair of Viterbo’s Theatre and Music Theatre Department and Artistic Director of the New Works Festival